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Thursday, 16 September 2010


My daughter has been poorly with shingles.

She came home from school on Friday and said her back was sore. The doctor confirmed that it was indeed shingles.

I was surprised as I thought you only got it as an adult.

I had it a few years ago and it can be incredibly painful, luckily she's not been too bad, just a bit sore and itchy

She's recovering now though so all is good.

I got her on video yesterday singing along to her Barbie singalong DVD :)

Today i'm baking a cake ready to decorate for tomorrow. I'll post the pics when it's done



  1. I am glad your cutie is recovering. She is too sweet for such a yucky thing. Hugs to you all from me. Can't wait to see the next cake :)

  2. So glad she's feeling better! I thought only adults got shingles, too...till it googled it.

  3. I've tried to follow this blog several times, but for some reason it won't let me. WTF? You know I love you!

  4. I completely forgot you posted this video. TOO CUTE!!! You know I just want to keep her...but after she's completely better ;)