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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Oh the stress of decorating

Why does decorating make so much mess???

Yes it looks lovely when it's all done,but the actual process drives me mad!

We've done the downstairs toilet

The living room is almost done too :)

blimey check out the orbs on there

We've stayed with quite neutral colours, I don't really go in for bold.

Anyway it's looking lovely and fresh. Just the rest of the house to go now LOL


  1. OH how Pretty Mary! You are making me jealous mine isn't going to be done for so long!

  2. VERY nice! You have a good sense of style! I'm def into neutrals too. But now I have entirely TOO MUCH beige in my house. Maybe I should follow your lead and make some changes...

  3. Looks great, Mary!! I have no idea why I wasn't listed as a follower. Fixed it now, hopefully.

  4. Can I hire you for my house next?? :) Gorgeous!

  5. Love the colours, especially the bathroom. It's fantastic.

    May I ask how come you have a photo of New York above your fireplace?

  6. DD I'll send Mr Mary over to you. I just supervise ;)

    Jelly I just liked it lol