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Monday, 12 July 2010

Do you like pavlova?

We went strawberry picking last week so we had a ton of them to get rid of.

My daughter, Aaliyah, loves to help me bake/cook so we made ice cream, not really cooking as it's done in a machine. We then made some strawberry shortcakes. These are Mr Mary's all time favourites, and he delights in taking them to work the next day to torment his workmates! I kid you not, i've told him numerous times to take some to share. He just looks at me as if i've asked him to strangle a baby rabbit!

Anyway, the piece de resistance was a pavlova. All the years i've been baking i've never made a meringue before, so i was a bit nervous. Frankly the idea of putting vinegar into a dessert seems wrong from the off. However it works. It was divine.

I'll definately be making one again. Again Mr Mary took some to work the next day ;)


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